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Who are 8TEV? - Unique Electric Scooters where Modern meets Retro

Conceived in Israel by a talented bunch of innovative engineers, designers, and retail experts, the 8TEV Electric Scooter range is a uniquely and expertly designed mode of electric transport. Not only landing with vintage styling each e-scooter is expertly designed and engineered offering the latest technology and innovation built into each of their scooters.

What E-scooter Models do 8TEV offer?

8TEV offer four models in the range. B10. B12, C12, and D12, the latter two being slightly unusual. We'll talk about those two later. We start with the B10 that lands in the Proxi, Classic, and Roam variations. This really only represents the range and battery size that each one has. The same with the upgraded B12 8TEV model. You also get them in the Proxi, Classic, and Roam Options. The C12 Roam is a unique and engaging three-wheeled electric scooter, and the D12 is the upcoming and unreleased four-wheeled electric scooter!

Which 8TEV Electric Scooter Variation - Proxi, Classic, or Roam?

So what is the difference between the 8TEV Electric Scooter Proxi, Classic, and Roam variations? Simply battery size. The Proxi has a range of 22Km (13.1 Miles), the Classic with a range of 31 Km (19.8 Miles), and finally the Roam lands with the largest range of 42 Km (26 Miles). All have a different price point. This is for both the 8TEV B10 and B12 e-scooter models. as the range goes up, the weight of each one goes up slightly. 16, 17, and 18 Kg.

There are some other slight variations on a couple of the B12 models. We'll touch on this below. The different ranges allow you to choose how you want to live your e-scooter life. Are you an occasional rider or a weekend adventurer? 8TEV allows you to make that decision!

8TEV B10

The entry-level model in the 8TEV Electric Scooter range. However, 8TEV E-scooters are definitely not an entry-level product even with the lowest cost model. The 8TEV B10 Proxi E-Scooter lands with a price tag of £1199. A serious bunch of scooters, for serious riders only.

The four different colours (Black, Silver, Red, and Orange) are all available in Proxi, Classic, and Roam variations. Each one features three speed modes and a top speed of 34 Kph (21 Mph). With a variation in range across the models, the 8TEV B10s can reach distances of 22 Km, 31 Km, and 42 Km. Depending on which model you go for.

All 8TEV Electric Scooters land with chunky 10" tyres and a pair of Tektro mechanical disc brakes front and back. This combination allows the 8TEV to grip the path and come to a safe stop. Quickly. B10 features the iconic wooden deck, that gives you the essence of retro skateboards and 50s surfboards. The simple wheel design adds more of this vintage style generating a whole historic vibe right across the B10 range. The handlebars are comfortable to hold and the B10 E-scooter has a bright display, allowing you to check the speed, range, and other data you need on your journey.

For lovers of a vintage vibe, the 8TEV B10 electric scooter range is the perfect way to show off your personality as you ride in style down the road.

8TEV B12

Stepping up from the B10 range is the B12 8TEV Electric Scooter range. Arriving with the Proxi, Classic, and Roam variations. With exactly the same ranges (22, 31, and 42 km) and weight differences as the B10s. However, the B12 Classic and Roam have slightly upgraded brakes. Instead of discs, they have Tektro hydraulic brakes which deliver the B12 Classic and Roam to a firmer and more confident stop.

The tyres on the 8TEV B12 e-scooters are 12" rather than 10". This extra tyre size helps absorb the bumps in the road, offering a more low-vibration journey than the B10.

The wooden deck still offers flavours of the 70s California surf and skate scene with a little bit of an upgrade. The B12 wood deck features a carbon layer that reinforces the top layer. This reduces wear and tear plus helps reduce the vibrations from your feet on your daily ride. And the board is wide enough to stand your feet side by side.

The strong Aircraft-grade Chromoly 4130 frame feels solid on the ride, especially when cornering and opening up the throttle.

The 8TEV B12 arrives in the same four colours as the B10—black, silver, orange, and red. Allowing you to get the best colour to suit your personality.

Starting from £1299* with the 8TEV B12 Proxi, they're not cheap e-scooters. What you do get is a completely retro-styled e-scooter full of modern scooter tech and features, that makes riding an absolute joy!

8TEV C12 Roam

The 8TEV C12 Roam Exactly the same as the 8TEV B12 Roam except for one addition. Yup, you've guessed it. The C12 lands with not two, but three wheels. Featuring two wheels at the front and one rear, the C12 offers greater stability, rider confidence, and better off-road capabilities. Three 12" sized tyres, absorb more riding buzz than two wheels.

What's more, the C12 has smoother handling when turning due to its hydraulic flexibility in the steering stem. And features front and rear Tektro hydraulic brakes for a secure and safe stop.

It's slightly heavier than the B12 Roam and arrives in a sleek silver finish. It also has the carbon-reinforced wood deck which sends those retro vibes right through the whole of the C12 e-scooter.

The C12 is for those of you that want something a little more secure in the ride but has the freedom and style of the original 8TEV B12.

8TEV D12

So this one hasn't arrived on the market yet but the concept of the 8TEV D12 Electric Scooter is that it has... yup, four wheels!

Thanks to a powerful 1000 watt motor, a faster speed of 50 Kph (31 Mph) and an amazingly far range of 100 Km, the 8TEV D12 e-scooter looks to be an interesting piece of electric transportation.

12" wheels plus suspension will deliver the smoothest ride ever and four wheels will offer secure stability when cornering. Once they've released the full D12 Spec, we'll update this article!

Why Buy an 8Tev Electric Scooter?

Why not? The 8TEV Electric Scooter is for you if you love to stand out and you love retro vibes. The balanced combination of vintage California meets innovative tech and unparalleled design gives you an amazing electric scooter that will turn heads. Your clean green daily ride will remind you of West Coast summers. I mean, as long as you live in the USA. Maybe think Cornwall summers and Brighton sunsets for us Brits? You get the idea. Frankly, I love them. The 8TEV range certainly stands out in the e-scooter world as a top contender for fun and freedom, and I can't wait to see what they bring to the table next!

*Prices as of April 2022

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