Which Fiido Electric Bike Should I Buy in 2022?

Which Fiido Electric Bike Should I Buy in 2022?

We look at two of the best Fiido Electric Bike models to buy in 2022

Buying an electric bike can be a bit of a challenge. How fast does it go? How big is the battery? What's the bikes range? Does it have power assist pedaling? These are just some of the questions being asked about modern Electric bikes.

We're going to look at two different models of the Fiido Electric Bike range  we offer at The Electric Future with a comparison and contrast of each electric bike. We'll look at what each of the bikes offers in features, pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision on which Fiido Electric bike you should buy in 2022. You can check out all electric bike models we stock at The Electric Future here.

Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular in this day and age and are the fastest-growing market in the UK cycling world. With regular folk trying to reduce their carbon footprint, they're switching over to the electric bike as a daily form of transport. Whether it's a daily commute to work, the shops, or the gym, electric bikes are becoming more common on our roads. Easily accessible by everyone electric bikes can start as little as under £400.

What is an Electric Bike?

That's simple, an electric bike is a standard pedal bicycle that has a motor attached that can power and propel it along. Easy right? They're becoming popular because of the powered factor.

A lot of electric bikes have three riding modes. Pedal-only, power assist, and fully powered. Fully pedaled and fully powered are quite self-explanatory, so what's power assist. Well, that’s a little bit of both. You still pedal, but the motor helps and makes it easier for you. Making climbing the pesky hills a piece of cake.

As well as a motor, electric bikes come with different sizes of battery which determines how far and what range they have. The bigger the battery, the further they can go.

Some e-bikes come loaded with disc brakes, suspension, lights, and app capabilities which adds to the riding experience you get. And some can be folded away so they can be put into the car boot, stored under the stairs, or even taken onto a train. 

All of this and they're excellent for the environment. With the world becoming greener the electric bike is going to become a more popular form of transport.

What Features Should Electric Bikes Have?

Wheels? But seriously, the fundamental features of an electric bike is its speed, its range, how comfortable it is, and how safe it is. Other features to consider are weight, foldability, charge speed, Bluetooth and app functions.

What features should the Fiido Electric Bike models have?

  • Long-range. Getting around on a single charge is super handy
  • Speed settings to keep up with traffic
  • Power assist for when you want to pedal with power
  • Excellent brakes for safe stopping
  • Suspension for Comfortable Riding 

Fiido D4S Folding Electric Bike - -£799*

The Fiido D4S Electric Bike lands just a little bit more than than the older Fiido D2S. Firstly what you'll notice is the different style of this electric bike compared to the others. It has that BMX or Mountain bike style and arrives with the biggest tires at a whopping 20" each.

Fiido D4S Folding Electric Bike Key Features:

  • 250W Powerful Motor Delivers a Full Speed of 25 Km/h
  • Up to 80 km (50 miles) with pedal-assist riding
  • 36V 10.4 Ah Battery takes 5 - 7 hours to fully charge.
  • Aluminum alloy construction for Ultimate Durability with a Maximum load of 120 Kg (264 lb.).
  • Super bright, LED headlight and Flashing rear Red lights
  • Perfect for urban riding, commuting, short trips, shopping and daily use
  • Three Riding Styles

It has the same speed of 25 Km/h and has the same three riding modes. Full-pedal, pedal-assist, and full-electric. It has a slightly longer pedal-assist range of up to a massive 80 Km thanks to its bigger 10.4 Ah battery. It also has a slightly longer charge time of up to 7 hours.

It's the lightest of all three of the bikes but has the biggest fold area. Especially with those 20" tires! Out of all the three Fiido Bikes, it's the best looking with stylish and sleek looks.

Arrives with the usual lights, disc brakes, tires with grip tread, and durable aluminum construction. But no shock absorber, so watch out for bumps!

Fiido D4S Folding Electric Bike Pros

The Fiido D4S arrives with a decent assisted-pedal range of 80 Km and a stylish and sleek look. More urban visual with a cool vibe. And thanks to this, the D4S will certainly turn heads as you glide through the urban landscape.

Fiido D4S Folding Electric Bike Cons

No rear shock absorber so be prepared to dodge those bumps and the urban styling won't appeal to everyone.

Fiido D4S Folding Electric Bike Conclusion

An excellent electric bike with more of an urban design making it certainly the best looking. A decent range of 80 Km, this green machine will have you cruising the city streets with style and panache.

Alternative E-Bike

If you love the street-style that the D4S offers maybe you should look at the Ducati MG-20 Electric Bike. Designed by Ducati, historically motorbike engineers, the MG-20 is for the rider that loves something a bit special.

Fiido L3 Folding Electric Bike - £995*

The most expensive of both bikes. This one is for the serious commuter. The same 25 Km/h top speed and usual three ride modes. But the L3 has something special up its sleeve. It has a massive range of up to 200 Km. Yep, you read that right. That means you could ride from Brighton to London and back, and still have charge left over to go to the shops, and the gym, and the office.

Fiido L3 Folding Electric Bike Key Features:

  • 350W Powerful Motor Delivers a Full Speed of 25 Km/h 
  • Up to 200 km (120 mi) depending on pure electric vs pedal-assist riding
  • 48V 23.2 Ah Battery takes 5 - 7 hours to fully charge.
  • Adjustable seat with Spring saddle for a comfortable ride
  • Aluminum alloy construction for Ultimate Durability with a Maximum load of 150kg (330lb).
  • Super bright, LED headlight and flashing rear red lights
  • Perfect for urban riding, commuting, short trips, shopping and daily use
  • Three Riding Styles

It's for the serious commuter that may like the idea of an electric bike but doesn't like the pedaling. It features a spring saddle for a comfortable ride. You'll need it after 200 Km! The charge time isn't any longer than the D4S at up to 7 Hours. It also has a better maximum load than the other two. At 150 Kg there is plenty of extra weight for a bag or two. 

It arrives with 14" grip tires, an Aluminum alloy construction, an LED headlight and flashing rear red lights, and folds down with ease.

Fiido L3 Folding Electric Bike Pros 

Well, that massive range. It's the perfect city bike for the serious commuter. It has a larger weight allowance of 150 Kg. And that spring saddle makes sure your ride is smooth. 

Fiido L3 Folding Electric Bike Cons

It is quite a bit heavier than Fiido D4S which is down to that huge battery. The climb angle is slightly smaller at 25-degrees than 30 Fiido D4S. Smaller wheels could give a slightly firmer ride.

Fiido L3 Folding Electric Bike Conclusion

For those of you that want to get the most electric bike out of an electric bike, then this one is perfect for you. You could happily ride for a week without pedaling. It's the ultimate commute machine, especially if you live in Brighton and the office is in London!

Fiido Electric Bike Conclusion

The perfect bike for those of you that do some serious commuting. With a long-range, you don't have to charge as often and even though it has the heaviest weight it keeps up with the other two.

Alternative E-Bike

If you love a more traditionally styled electric bike than the Fiido L3. One that is more in line with a classic pedal bicycle, then check the Argento Omega Electric Bike from Italian company Argento.

So, Which Fiido Electric Bike Should You Buy in 2022?

Well, that depends on your circumstances. If money is no object and you hate pedaling, the L3 is the one. For the best of both worlds and urban styling then it's the D4S.

Whichever of the three Fiido Electric bikes steals your heart all of them are great and well worth the money. And the best thing, your carbon footprint will be smaller. Ride on!


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