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New Scooters on the Block 2022

Here at The Electric Future, we love new stuff. Especially new electric scooters and bikes. And boy have we got a bunch of new rides for your pleasure! From famous brands such as Lamborghini (Yeah that's right), Ducati, and Jeep. To some unknowns like Nanrobot and Unagi. All unique and all very cool. Each one brings something different to the table.

Ducati - From Superbikes to Super Scooters

If anyone mentions the name Ducati to you, you'll immediately think of the famous Italian motorcycle brand.

Now, Ducati has teamed up with MT Distribution to produce Ducati branded Personal Electric Vehicles. Ducati Electric Scooters and Ducati Electric Bikes are now widely available across the UK and we look at whether these personal electric vehicles live up to their famous name.