Has Spain Fallen in Love with the Electric Scooter?

Has Spain Fallen in Love with the Electric Scooter?

Across Spain, everyone is trying to find a better way to get from A to B. If you're not a fan of public transport, the options are expanding for your daily ride to work, the gym, or even just a shopping expedition. The Spanish folk are turning to more climate-friendly and low-carbon footprint vehicles. From the humble bicycle to the tech advanced electric car.

One of the more popular alternatives of the green-friendly vehicle variety is the Electric Scooter. With an increase in popularity across the world, the electric scooter is quickly rising to the top of single person electric transport. Cities and towns across Spain are offering electric scooter hire schemes and updating traffic regulations for riding electric scooters in public spaces.

We look at the ins and outs of riding an electric scooter across Spain. From what an electric scooter actually is, to where you can hire them. We ask whether Spain has fallen in love with the Electric Scooter?

What is an Electric Scooter?

The age-old question right? An electric scooter is a single person electric transport that has a battery and a motor fitted. The battery gives the motor power which turns the wheels and magically propels you along on your daily adventure.

Depending on the price and design, some of the electric scooters come with different powered motors. The Nanrobot LS7+ Electric Scooter that features twin 2400-watt motors that deliver a quicker top speed (Most electric scooters are regulated), a better hill climbing angle, and faster acceleration. Most scooters have a motor between 250 and 500 watts, which is still plenty of power for riding. Plus, some of the smaller powered motors are efficient, meaning you can still get that kick, even with a smaller motor.

Another key factor in the design of an electric scooter is the battery size. Bigger batteries go further. Most e-scooter batteries give the range of about 20 Km - 35 Km. Which is perfectly acceptable for a Spanish sunny daily adventure. The InMotion L9 Electric Scooter features a huge battery which allows a massive range of 95 Km allowing you to ride around the streets of Madrid tenfold. This 95 Km is in certain riding conditions. If you went flat out up a steep hill with a heavy headwind, you're definitely not going to get a full range of 95 Km! Bigger batteries also mean a longer charge time. For example, the InMotion L9 has a charge time of 7.2 hours! Those clever experts at Inmotion have got around this by fitting a duo of charging ports on the L9 Scooter. Due to this design, the charge time is reduced to under 4 hours. As long as you have two power sockets of course.

Most electric scooters are a standing up adventure. For those of you who like a more siesta ride, some e-scooters come fitted with a seat. The IENYRID M4 PRO Electric Scooter features a comfortable riding seat, which makes gliding around the city much more relaxing. With the Nanrobot Electric Scooter range you can get additional seats that fit onto the Nanrobot E-scooters.

Stopping. It is important, right? All electric scooters have brakes fitted as standard. Whether it's state-of-the-art disc brakes like you'd find on a modern motor vehicle to a simple manual foot-controlled rear brake. You press down with your foot. And the mudguard puts pressure on the rear tower, till it comes to a stop. Due to the speed and power, pretty much all modern electric scooters have electric disc brakes. Which makes sure your scooter comes to a safe and quick stop.

For nighttime riders, the electric scooter usually lands with at least a front light and rear reflector. Most have a rear light also, and side reflectors. As a recommendation, anything that illuminates you up on the streets of Barcelona so that other road users and pedestrians can see you is the best way. A reflective piece of clothing such as a gilet or jacket keeps you really safe and is mandatory.

Other features include a bell or horn, to allow other folks to know you're there and a footplate with a non-slip surface. So you don't slide off when cornering.

Scooters either have solid or pneumatic tyres. Treaded to keep you glued to the tracks of Spain. Especially important when cornering!

Some of the scooter brands, like Xiaomi for example, have downloadable electric scooter apps. These open up more features on your electric scooter such as ride distance, speed unlocking, and other data.

Are electric scooters legal in Spain?

Yes, they are! Since January 2021, electric scooters in Spain are legal. Of course, there are laws and rules to abide by to keep everyone safe.

The Electric Scooter rules are as follows:

  • Minimum riding age of 15 with parents or guardians being responsible for their riding up until they are 18.
  • Now considered as personal mobility vehicles, electric scooters are considered to be vehicles throughout Spain and must obey the traffic laws.
  • You must only ride them on roads, but not motorways. They cannot be ridden on pavement or pedestrian areas. You're not allowed to ride your electric scooter in Spain on roads between urban areas. Plus, you're not allowed to ride your scooter through tunnels.
  • The maximum speed is set to 25 Km/h.
  • Nighttime riders must have front and rear lights.
  • Only one person is allowed to ride the scooter.
  • No headphone or mobile phone use.
  • No riding under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs.
  • A certificate of circulation is needed like other vehicles. This document specifies the technical specifications of the electric scooter and must be approved by the DGT.
  • Helmets are now mandatory.
  • Riders must wear a reflective vest.

These rules and regulations are there to keep everyone safe and make electric scooter riding more enjoyable and safe in and around Spain's cities and towns.

Can you hire Electric Scooters in Spain?

Yes, in a lot of Spain's major cities and towns you can hire an electric scooter. Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia all operate hire schemes with different operators. Lime, Bird, Jump, Razor, Spin and Skip all operate in Spain and have various pricing and costing options.

The Future of Electric Scooters in Spain

Being eco-friendly and cheap to run, the rise of the electric scooter in Spain is inevitable. More and more Spanish people are falling in love with the Electric Scooter. The traffic laws around riding a scooter seem fair and safe. You can get a great electric scooter for around €400, like the popular AOVO Pro Electric Scooter M365. And for those of you that don't want one of your own, the hire schemes around Spain are cheap and easy to use. Watch this space, the green revolution is on its way!

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