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Private Electric Scooters to be made legal

With an announcement from the government today during the Queen's speech on 10th May, privately owned electric scooters are to be allowed to ride on public roads.

The green movement isn’t showing any signs of stopping, especially with consumers and brands working side-by-side to pursue environmental awareness. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone’s on the same page regarding alternative living practices. For example, the UK's electric scooter laws aren’t as liberal as other country’s regulation of electric-powered mobility devices.
How to assemble your new AOVO Pro Electric Scooter in 5 minutes. Remember you AOVO Pro electric scooter also comes with a 24 Month Warranty
One of the most classic ways to get healthy is through exercise. A traditional piece of equipment that helps with exercise to this day is the treadmill. As most things go, one of the keys to an excellent treadmill workout is repetition. Working out frequently is the only way it will yield any positive effects on your health. That being said, it's equally important to listen to any signs the body is giving off that rest is necessary.
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With your budget at the ready and your itch for a hassle-free form of transportation becoming more unbearable by the day, it’s clear that the opportunity to buy a hoverboard is something that you should consider. Beyond all the buzz, however, you might be wondering why it’s worth purchasing in the first place.

 (Spoiler alert: there are far too many reasons that are too good to ignore!)

We've picked the 4 best kids electric scooters that you’ll love and want to take home with you.

So, you're ready to teach your loved one how to ride an e-scooter. So, what do you need to look for in a Kids Electric Scooter? We give a rundown of the main points to consider when purchasing an electric scooter for your small one as well as looking at four kids electric scooters that we love.

So, let's take a look at four of the best kids electric scooters available on the market today.

Check out the improved AOVO Pro 2 M365 Electric Scooter and discover why it's one of the best all-around Electric Scooters that you'll love.

The AOVO Pro 2 M365 Electric Scooter is a bit of a flagship model for AOVO, full of decent and up-to-date features, it is a serious electric scooter that offers a little bit of something for everyone.

We're going to have an in-depth look at the AOVO Pro 2 M365, check out the new version features, see if it lives up to the hype and see whether you'll think that this electric scooter is for you. Serious scooter riders need only apply!

Is Inmotion the Future of Electric Personal Transport?

Inmotion’s motto is to make people happy all over the world with their innovative technology and personal electric transport designs. From the more common electric scooters and electric bikes, right through to the more eccentric and funky electric unicycles. Is Inmotoion onto something and is Inmotion the future of electric personal transport?

Universal Warning Sound for Electric Scooters. Will it Work?

You'll probably have noticed them gliding along the streets of your city, silent and unassuming. Quietly they sail by. Like something out of a Philip K Dick novel. They are the future. Well, that's probably a bit of an exaggeration. I'm talking about the popular electric scooters of course. The eco-friendly electric green machines you stand up on (mostly) to ride.

Ducati - From Superbikes to Super Scooters. Are they any good?

If anyone mentions the name Ducati to you, you'll immediately think of the famous Italian motorcycle brand.

Now, Ducati has teamed up with MT Distribution to produce Ducati branded Personal Electric Vehicles. Ducati Electric Scooters and Ducati Electric Bikes are now widely available across the UK and we look at whether these personal electric vehicles live up to their famous name.

Nanrobot - Are they the Fastest Electric Scooters You'll Love? | The Electric Future

Nanrobot Electric Scooters. Ever heard of them? Maybe but probably not. We've discovered them at The Electric Future and I think we've fallen a little bit in love.

New Scooters on the Block 2022

Here at The Electric Future, we love new stuff. Especially new electric scooters and bikes. And boy have we got a bunch of new rides for your pleasure! From famous brands such as Lamborghini (Yeah that's right), Ducati, and Jeep. To some unknowns like Nanrobot and Unagi. All unique and all very cool. Each one brings something different to the table.

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